... " Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength":

Isaiah 26:4/KJV

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Historical Church Facts

The Bahamas is known as the first mission field outside the continental United States to be reached by the Church of God. On November 7th, 1909 Rev. Edmond S. Barr and his wife Rebecca, of Exuma, Bahamas were residing in Durant, Florida. At that time they attended a Camp Meeting held by the Old Holiness Camp group. Barr was converted and received the Holy Ghost at the Camp. Shortly thereafter he and his wife returned to Nassau, bringing the message of salvation.

The first Church meetings were held in the vicinity of Augusta and Meadow Streets in Nassau, New Providence. In 1910 a group of missionaries from the Holiness Church USA, including A. J. Tomlinson, arrived in the Bahamas. He visited Exuma, Long Island and Ragged Island while another minister, R. N. Evans, stopped in Nassau and preached, confirming the work of Rev. Barr. In 1911, the first local Church was established with three (3) members in a rented house owned by the late John Alfred on the southern side of Dowdeswell Street, Nassau, N. P., This was the first place of worship for the early pioneers of the Church.

Over these many years, the work grew and expanded to almost every inhabited Island in the Bahamas. Courageous men and women of yesteryear braved the storms of opposition, persecution and much suffering for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some were arrested, placed in prison, scorned and humiliated by society for their religious convictions. However, they preached without fear and favour. The Lord confirmed the Word, as thousands received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and were added to the Church of God. Among them were former Colonial Overseers Bishop Stanley R. Ferguson and Bishop Alvin S. Moss; also Rev. Frank Cunningham and Rev. Alfred E. Ferguson.

The mission of the Church of God of Prophecy then and today is to bear witness for Christ and His truth, in all its fullness and power. The Church of God of Prophecy is well established in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Its central government is situated in an administrative complex on East and Quakoo Streets on the Island Capital of New Providence. The Church is officially recognized by the government, having been duly registered by an Act of Parliament in 1953 as “THE CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY INCORPORATION ACT 1953”. This was now the Church’s official business name. Prior to this, 1911 to 1952, the Church was known as the Church of God.

There are fifty seven (57) organized local Churches and four (4) Missions with a membership and following of approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) persons. There are over two hundred (200) licensed and ordained Ministers. The Church is supported by a dedicated staff of administrative and national workers, pastors and laity who continue to labour together with God in the Word and in the work. The highlight of our yearly activities is the Annual National Convention, the first of which was held in 1921. Today we reminisce and thank God, who graciously favoured His Church in these isles of the sea. We give glory, honour and praise to Him as we celebrate our Centennial Anniversary of presence and ministry in the Bahamas in 2009. Bishop Elgarnet B. Rahming, DD, JP presently serves as National Overseer. He is the fourth (4th) Bahamian to hold that post.

The National Ministries of the Church consist of:

Evangelism and Home Missions, Leadership Development and Training, Christian Education/Sunday School, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Children’s Ministries, Family Ministries, Radio and Television Ministries, Music and Fine Arts Ministries, Public Relations Ministries, Publications Ministries, Free Literature Ministries, Hospitals and Prisons Ministries, Prayer and Intercessions Ministries, and Social Outreach Ministry.

Serving the Church as National Overseers from 1911 to the present time were the following Bishops:

R.M. Evans 1911 – 1912
C.M. Paget 1913 – 1915
W.H. Cross 1916 – 1917
Milton Padgett 1917 – 1919
William R. Franks 1919 – 1920
Milton Padgett 1920 – 1933
Stanley R. Ferguson 1924 – 1934
Alvin S. Moss 1934 – 1974
Dr. Brice H. Thompson 1974 – 1999
Dr. Elgarnet B. Rahming 1999 - 2013
Bishop Franklin M. Ferguson 2013 to present

“Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks”.


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